Halsey's Not The Only One Bad At Love: Bumble Edition

             Welcome to the 21st century where ‘swiper’ no longer only refers to a little cartoon fox harassing a pint sized Spanish explorer and her furry friends.

              Welcome to the 21st century where I can message a random guy within a 15 mile radius from an app. I can say things such as “I have 3 boobs” only for him to respond “no pics no proof. What’s your snap?”

              I love the 21st century.

              Navigating the throes of love and dating in this day and age have become inherently more complex than the journey of our parents and ancestors before us. With apps, and misconstrued intentions its difficult to know who you can trust. My journey has taught me one thing and one thing only.

              Trust yourself because niggas be trippin. Hard.

              With that said, I have found internet dating to be a source of extreme entertainment; and would like to document some of my best work below. Enjoy.


he never responded in case you were wondering.  


he had no resemblance to baby carrots.  



radio silence. 


he never donated to my cause.  



I still don’t know if I impressed him or not.  


Salome Solomon