What Afternoon Tea Is Really Like

             Around the corner from the Victoria Clipper's boarding dock is an unassuming bed and breakfast known around the harbor as The Gatsby Mansion. The legend of the Great Gatsby did not exist in this establishment as well as the fact that neither of the movies has even been shot at this particular location but we are going to let that go.

              Between 1-4pm tourists and locals can enter the Pendray Restaurant and enjoy High Tea hosted by the hotel staff.

              My friends and I trundled in on a Sunday afternoon and were met first with a dark corridor between two large wooden doors of french architectural influence. The corridor was short, and dimly lit and contained nothing but a small table pushed to the left side and housing a greeting book and pen.

              My friend signed her first and last name, and her location of origin on the next set of lines. Unsure of what else to do, I did the same.

              Salome Solomon – My Mothers Womb.

              Upon advancement of the second threshold was an adorable foyer with a check in desk. Everything was dim and quiet. We eventually were seated in a dining room. The room was not very large but tastefully set with simple white tablecloths and vintage cherry wood chairs. The room was filled with natural light flooding through the stained-glass windows and high ceilings, as well as the thick air of animosity from two ladies enjoying a pleasant high tea near the window across from us.

             The other diners were adorned in light floral maxi dresses, perfectly accommodating lipsticks and time-consuming  updos. They delicately sipped their tea and munched on little tea sandwiches and scones. My friends and I nonetheless took our seats in our assortment of Adidas brand athletic wear, denim jackets, and a Polaroid camera with a mass value probably larger than any tangible representation of my potential for future success. 

              The standard afternoon tea included an assortment of sandwiches and desserts accompanied by one pot containing a tea of choice. For 8$ extra one could also enjoy a small bowl of tomato soup.



           Our tea arrived in a three-tiered serving tower, and the waitress poured our first cup of tea for us. Our server went on to quickly detail exactly where, and what, were on the trays before departed quietly to let us enjoy our lunch. We nibbled on food while chatting about the architecture and potentially haunted spirits housed within it until the tea and snacks were gone and the bill was paid.

            More or less High Tea is definitely an experience that I would recommend to anyone looking for a cute fun thing to do that you probably should dress up for; but if you’re at all hungover like we were, it won't matter much. Also, a good thing to note is: loudly discussing scenarios regarding your hypothetical rejection from spiritual entities active in the establishment and declaring “Gatsby says NO!” in a guttural voice during lunch may disturb the diners around you.

           That is all. Good afternoon and if your tea isn’t high then I hope that you are. Cheers.


a tourist gazes out from the foot of the hotel searching for any correlation between The Great Gatsby and this establishment

a tourist gazes out from the foot of the hotel searching for any correlation between The Great Gatsby and this establishment

Salome Solomon