Lets Talk About Jumpsuits

As humans we may have ceased to evolve biologically; but as a society we are always metamorphosing into something else arguably more confusing than our the previous manner of existence.

Once upon a time, onesies were for infants and young children. Eventually they became a trend amongst teenagers to wear to sleepovers and Pajama day at school. Onsies were strictly for sleep influenced activities until somehow, somewhere, onsies evolved into some sort of sweatsuit staple that I cannot get enough of.

              I don’t care what you say. Fitted full length jumpsuits are excellent. Am I struggling to find pants? No problem. Is my shirt see through and my bra ugly? No problem. Tank top, and pants become one. Bodycon jumpsuit serves all.

              Am I still nursing a food baby from last nights drunken burger binge at Dicks Drive in? That is also okay, because a loose full length romper can become a pair of joggers and an oversized tank top. Wear it with sneakers and sporty high ponytail and you have embodied some sort of cross breed between an urban goddess and a ninja diaper baby. Wear it with heels and you’re a very cool ninja diaper baby that can afford pointlessly expensive sushi.

              Jumpsuits are simple, comfortable, and incredibly versatile. In this day and age where gluten is a sin and young girls only know of Nick Jonas but not The Jonas Brothers, I really enjoy knowing my morning routine can be carved down. This allows me much more time to be consistently face fucked by the stupid shit in the media that somehow garners precedence over dispatching informative awareness regarding the plight of the very humans we breathe with. All of this swamped together on our large spinning planet that is deteriorating beneath our feet. 

              Anyways. I am in full support of the Jumpsuit as well as UNICEF USA and whichever one you prefer to spend your money on I have got you with the links. Happy Friday you darlings. Cheers.


Salome Solomon