Interview With A Friend: VOL I


             Near the top of a hill on the corner of 4th Avenue and W Barrett Street sits a blue two story house affectionally dubbed The Bungalow by its 7 female inhabitants. One of the inhabitants is named Gabrielle Wattum and she has a deep love for Taco Bell that has recently been traumatically crippled by a raging dairy allergy.  

              She’s dressed in ripped blue jeans, a lightly tucked Formation World Tour concert tee, and black Vans from The Old Skool collection.

              “I found these jeans at BP randomly. They were only 30$ so I was like ‘what the hell I might as well’”.

              She states this as she grabs her car keys en route to brunch at Skillet, a casual dining spot in the Ballard area.

              “As for my t-shirt, I just wanted something comfortable and fly. Beyonce makes everything fly. It’s also the first thing I found on my floor”


              We settled into our seats at Skillet between a boisterous Hispanic family and a content single diner. The restaurant had a spacious main floor pervading natural sunlight in large quantities. The bar ran the entire length of the left wall and served as a barrier between the main floor and the kitchen. Behind metal racks housing full plates of fresh meals, one could see bustling humans in white shirts, silver shelves of empty white dishes on cue to carry the next food order to waiting diners, and small plumes of steam carrying the smell of warm bacon, frying eggs, and toasting brioche.


              Pick one humanitarian relief cause to associate with.

“I’d focus on children. Probably children in the foster care system”.


              Favorite genre of cinema for a Netflix binge?

“Crime-related shows. Either full on crime thrillers or some cheesy ass dramas like Vampire Diaries”.


              If you could have a magic purse that could fit any 5 items regardless of shape or size in it, what would you carry around with you?


“A hot tub, a lifetime supply of cheese, medicine for the effects of the cheese, a clothing store to be my wardrobe, and a bottle of tequila".


              What music have you been listening to as of late?

“Kendrick Lamar – Humble, a lot – and whatever’s on my Spotify discover weekly. They know what I like”


              What are your thoughts on Rhianna’s return to dancehall inspired music?

“I kind of love it to be honest. I did my first hip hop dance to Pon De Replay when I was 9 so it’s like a nice return to my childhood”


              Tell me about your roommates.

“I don’t think they really understand me”


              At this point in the conversation, we had returned to The Bungalow and Gab was sitting in a rocking chair on the wide porch; settled amicably within the chair’s rhythmic motion.


              “…but yeah we should totally pick up some cheap hot dogs and throw it at strangers some time,” she said.

              I jangled my car keys, signaling the departure from my visit. “Friday?”

              “Let me check with my nanny family, but probably, yeah”.




The End.

Salome Solomon